Interlake Meadows Farm is a family farm located near Gimli, Manitoba, focusing on raising grass fed Galloway beef and growing u-pick berries.  We also grow a small market garden, maintain a flock of laying chickens, and run pastured meat birds in the summer.

Know the Food You Eat

The best way to know your food is to get to know the farmers that are growing it, what motivates them and to actually make the trip to the farm and witness your food in action.

We strongly believe that consumers should know more about the food they eat and we choose to run our farm with a transparency and openness that encourages this.  When you choose to purchase our products, you are not only supporting a family farm, you are also providing your family with wholesome and delicious local food. 

Our Farming Principles

Our goal as farmers is to provide the healthiest, non-complicated food in the most respectful and genuine way that we can.  We use methods that have been around for generations, as well as new and innovative ones.  Reflected in our farming practices, is an aspiration of longevity for our community, animals and land.  At the end of the day, our minds may relax knowing that our children one day may be able to enjoy this land as we do.


GRASS FED BEEF   ~   EGGS   ~                        



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